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Bone Densitometry Equipment Operator

This licensing exam, designed and administered by ARRT but offered by states for state licensing purposes, contains 60 questions regarding basic concepts, equipment operation and quality control, radiation safety, and DXA scanning of finger, heel (os calcis), forearm, lumbar spine, and proximal femur.

Each state licensing agency determines the appropriateness of the exam for its candidates. States that want to review the task list upon which the exam is built should phone (651) 687-0048, ext. 8530, to request a copy. Each state determines the score pass/fail point for their candidates.

Candidates apply to the state licensing agency for licensing and examination and receive results from the same agency. The agency may designate an exam processing center to handle fee payment and score-report distribution. Candidate fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Detailed content specifications are available online and in the exam handbook that ARRT sends to all candidates whose names are submitted by the state. The handbook also outlines exam procedures and is accompanied by a Candidate Status Report (CSR) that indicates the exam discipline that the licensing agency has assigned to the candidate. All other candidate communications go through the state agency, including name or address changes.

ARRT scores the exams and reports the number of questions each candidate answered correctly to the state licensing agency. The agency then notifies candidates of their examination and/or licensing results.

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