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State Licensing

Through licensing agreements with states, ARRT offers exams to state-approved candidates for state credentialing. Learn more about the differences between state licensing and national certification and registration.

State Licensing Contacts

Administration of licensing laws differs from state to state. Some require that a state application be submitted prior to working in the state, while others require only ARRT certification and registration results. ARRT refers questions about state licensing to the individual state licensing authorities. View a list of state licensing agency contacts.

Exam Eligibility

Candidates for state licensing are classified in one of two ways: those who are eligible for ARRT certification and registration and apply to both the state and ARRT, and those who are not eligible for ARRT certification and registration and apply only to the state. Learn more about the application process.

Which States?

Approximately two-thirds of the states have laws covering the practice of radiologic technology. You can find more information about individual state licensing requirements on the ASRT website. ARRT-administered exams are used by 37 states for state licensing purposes. Consult the list of states.

Which Exams?

For licensing purposes, many states use the ARRT Radiography, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiation Therapy, and/or Sonography exams, and some offer various post-primary exams. Consult the content specifications for all exams. Candidates attempting the exam as a state candidate instead of taking the exam for ARRT certification and registration will have the state attempt count as an attempt toward future ARRT certification and registration attempts. Preview the handbook for more general information about state licensing exams.

Many states also offer ARRT-designed and administered exams for licensing purposes. Learn more about Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography, Bone Densitometry Equipment Operator, and Fluoroscopy.

Exam Security

ARRT takes exam security very seriously. No one wants a loved one to receive care from an individual who “passed” the ARRT exam because they got a sneak peek at questions and memorized the answers. Read more about exam security.


State Licensing FAQs
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