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ARRT Research

ARRT-Conducted Research

ARRT prides itself on being a mission-driven and evidence-based decision maker. A critical part of developing and maintaining high quality examinations involves active participation in, and critical review of, research that is relevant to developing and maintaining high-quality certification and registration programs. Conducting research is beneficial both to ARRT as well as to the professional community. The research that ARRT has done in equating low-volume exams has benefitted other credentialing organizations, and the results of applied research studies serve to directly inform the decision making processes at ARRT. For example, each ARRT certification and registration program is based upon a practice analysis study.

ARRT-Facilitated Research

ARRT also supports the efforts of other individuals and organizations doing research on the profession by providing mailing lists for surveying samples of Registered Technologists. The samples may be stratified based upon any of the demographic factors that ARRT collects through its annual certification and registration process. Researchers must submit a formal research proposal for review and approval prior to requesting a mailing list. Submit proposals to the ARRT Executive Director, 1255 Northland Drive, St. Paul, MN 55120. Call (651) 687-0048, ext. 3122, for more information.

University of Minnesota/NCI Research

One study of particular note is the Radiologic Technologist Health Study being conducted by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in collaboration with the ARRT. This longitudinal study, initiated in 1982, is a cohort study of potential radiation-related health effects among radiologic technologists. Articles based upon this project may be found at

The Magic Number: A Look at What Goes Into an ARRT Scaled Score of 75

Download the presentation that ARRT staff gave at the 2012 ASRT Educational Symposium. This presentation briefly outlines ARRT's exam development process, how ARRT updates its certification and registration exams to reflect current practice, and the basic mathematic ideas behind scaled scores (without equations).

SDMS CE Webinar 2014: Life Hacks for Writing Better Classroom Assessment Questions

Download this testwiseness quiz and this test item writing quicksheet as supplemental materials for the SDMS webinar given by ARRT in July 2014.

Tables from "Rasch Scale Drift over Time: Examining When to Reset the Scale."

Tables of means from all conditions of the scale drift simulation study by Babcock and Albano, which were too large to place in the study paper, are available here.

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