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Certification and registration with ARRT includes both earning and maintaining the credential.

First Comes Initial Certification and Registration

Initial certification and registration is the process of recognizing individuals who have satisfied certain standards within a profession. A person is certified and registered by ARRT after meeting educational requirements (such as graduating from an approved educational program or completing clinical experience requirements), complying with ethics standards and passing an examination.

Then Comes Annual Renewal

Annual renewal of certification and registration is the procedure required to maintain the credential. ARRT annually certifies and registers individuals who meet the following criteria: agreeing to comply with the ARRT Rules and Regulations, continuing to comply with the ARRT Standards of Ethics and meeting Continuing Education Requirements.

Certification and registrations in any discipline beginning January 1, 2011, are time limited to 10 years, at which time R.T.s will need to demonstrate continuing qualifications as part of the Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR).

Only technologists who are currently certified and registered – which means that they have renewed within the past year – may designate themselves as ARRT Registered Technologists and use the R.T. credential [R.T.(*)(ARRT)] after their names. The radiologist assistant certificate confers upon the individual the right to use the title “Registered Radiologist Assistant” and its abbreviation “R.R.A.(ARRT)” in connection with his or her name so long as the certification and registration is maintained.

*Individuals should also use the following initials to indicate the specific discipline or disciplines for which certification and registration is held. The discipline designation should be listed between the “R.T.” and the “(ARRT)” as:

(R) for radiography
(N) for nuclear medicine technology
(T) for radiation therapy
(MR) for magnetic resonance imaging
(S) for sonography
(M) for mammography
(CT) for computed tomography
(QM) for quality management
(BD) for bone densitometry
(CI) for cardiac-interventional radiography
(VI) for vascular-interventional radiography
(CV) for cardiovascular-interventional radiography — no longer open to new candidates
(VS) for vascular sonography
(BS) for breast sonography

Employer and State Agency Requirements Differ, Too

Some employers and state agencies may require initial ARRT certification and registration, but not necessarily current certification and registration. Unless they require current certification and registration by ARRT, they cannot assume that the person has recently complied with the ethics or continuing education requirements. Current certification and registration can help ensure the knowledge, skills and ethics qualifications of a technologist.

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