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Competency Requirements for Primary Certification and Registration

Candidates for certification and registration in radiography, nuclear medicine technology, radiation therapy, or in magnetic resonance imaging or sonography via the primary pathway — which requires completion of an ARRT-recognized educational program — must demonstrate competence in didactic coursework and an ARRT-specified list of clinical procedures. And that satisfaction must be indicated to ARRT by the endorsing signatures of program directors and, if applicable, authorized faculty members, on students' application forms.

The purpose of the clinical competency requirements is to verify that individuals certified and registered by the ARRT have demonstrated competence performing the clinical activities fundamental to a particular discipline. Competent performance of these fundamental activities, in conjunction with mastery of the cognitive knowledge and skills covered by the certification and registration examination, provides the basis for the acquisition of the full range of procedures typically required in a variety of settings. Demonstration of clinical competence means that the candidate has performed the procedure independently, consistently, and effectively during the course of his or her formal education.

The competency requirements are periodically updated based upon the results of practice analysis studies. The current requirements are provided below.

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