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Registration FAQs

I need my ARRT number, please.

What will happen to individuals who already hold a certification and registration when the academic degree requirement takes effect on January 1, 2015?

What does the abbreviation "R.T." stand for? How and when am I allowed to use it?

How can I get written verification of my certification and registration (including my initial certification and registration dates)?

What are my biennium dates?

Why doesn't my name appear on the ARRT Directory?

I have not received or have lost my credential card. How can I get a new one?

Is John Smith registered in good standing?

Why do I need to pay a $75 reinstatement fee?

How can I find information on Retired or Disabled status?

My credential card says my certification and registration is valid through my birth month of this year, but my biennium doesn't end for another year. Is my card wrong?

How do I change my address?

How do I change my name?

Why don't my academic credentials appear after my name on my ARRT renewal form or credential card?

How can I find out if my renewal application has been received?

How do I get certified and registered again if my certification and registration was revoked by the Ethics Committee?

Am I still certified and registered while going through an ethics review?

I ordered a fax verification of certification and registration and didn't get it. Why not?

I entered two identifying numbers to verify my status on the interactive telephone system, and someone else's name was read back to me. What gives?

How can I include (exclude) my name on the ARRT Directory or mailing lists?

How do I correct my social security number?

How do I correct my birth date?

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